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Want to work in an awesome team? We are looking for highly talented recruits to join our team. We are inspired by commandos. We have each other’s back. We embrace a challenge and strive for the most impactful projects at cutting edge companies. Training is embedded in our core. We spend 20% of our time on personal- & team development guided by professional coaches. We develop our mind as well our body. We focus on staying connected: physically, mentally and to each other. And we have fun.

We are Borg. Are you?

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Who we are

Values or Borg


We honor the connection we have with each other, ourselves and with our loved ones. This means we take care of our mind as well as our body by making physical training and reflection part of our day to day work. We check-in with each other and collectively guard everyone’s work-life balance and take action if someone is in need.


We embrace a challenge as we believe it brings out the best in us and we push ourselves to go to unchartered territory, discovering all that cloud technology can bring to our customers. We will tell the truth to clients no matter how uncomfortable it may be, integrity is our virtue and we will stand for it.

Personal growth

We continuously try to develop ourselves, value feedback and hire talents that also strive for personal growth. This is embedded in our way of working, where we reserve 20% of our time for non-customer facing work, to hone skills, develop new knowledge and improve the collaboration in the team.


Even with Corona raging since Borg was founded, we still managed to have diners, go to parties, have off-sites and just enjoyed ourselves. We like to laugh, so let’s not take everything too seriously 😉